Troy Slaten

Superior Court Judge

SEAT #145

Troy Slaten

The right experience,
the right choice.

Troy Slaten has the right experience. In recent years Troy Slaten has been serving as a Temporary Judge for the Los Angeles Superior Court. Troy is a Partner at a major California law firm. 

Women’s Re-Entry

Troy supports the Women’s Re-Entry Court which is an alternative sentencing program designed to provide evidence-based, gender-responsive, trauma informed, and culturally competent treatment services to women. This includes those with children, who are charged with felonies and facing imminent incarceration and/or prison.

Women’s Re-Entry Court can break the cycle of substance abuse and crime to positively impact the children of female offenders.

Collaborative Courts

Troy strongly supports Collaborative Courts designed to provide treatment instead of incarceration to the most vulnerable populations in the criminal justice system.

People suffering from mental illness and substance use disorders, veterans, victims of sex trafficking, and at-risk transitional age youths need to be treated using a multi-disciplinary approach instead of just being housed in overcrowded county jails and state prisons.

Criminal Justice Reform

Like many others, Troy is deeply concerned about the ever expanding prison population that has dramatically increased twelve-fold since 1980. The United States has the highest incarceration rate and largest prison population in the world.

Troy believes we can do better by ensuring public safety as well as protecting our justice system and individual liberties. The right balance can be struck and Judges can play an integral role in this challenge.

“Troy knows what works and what needs improvement. Troy will be a champion for these collaborative efforts. Troy believes rehabilitation and treatment should be our goal rather than incarceration of those who need treatment and social services.”

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Troy Slaten

“A son of a proud United States Coast Guard veteran, public service is in my blood and has been an integral part of my life from the start.”

    • Managing attorney and Partner at Floyd Skeren Manukian Langevin.
    • Troy joined FSML 10 years ago and quickly became the youngest partner in the firm’s history.
      Supported by Unions, Firefighters and Law Enforcement
    • Graduated with academic honors from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and continued his education at Pepperdine University School of Law, earning a Doctor of Law (JD) degree.
    • Legal experience is vast and diverse including a wide variety of litigation, criminal, civil, transactional, administrative and other general business matters. Conducted numerous jury trials and court trials, worked successfully with prosecutors and law-enforcement, negotiated complex contracts, agreements and settlements.
    • Serves the Los Angeles County Superior Court as a Temporary Judge.
    • Manages a team of attorneys and outside counsel.
    • Lectures on topics including constitutional law and civil rights.
      Served on advisory boards of two environmental non-profits, Earth Communications Office and Kids For Saving Earth.
    • Served on the Board of Directors for Pacific Lodge Youth Services. While serving on this board, Troy helped oversee the operation where nearly 80 school-aged and at-risk boys, most of whom were referrals from the County Department of Probation, were provided residential treatment and education.
    • Has appeared on TV and in print hundreds of times, providing expert on-air legal commentary and analysis covering all sorts of legal topics on major media outlets including CNN, HLN, CBS News and Fox News.
    • Member of SAG/AFTRA (AFL-CIO) since 1981.
    • Childhood Actor – Television and Film (regular roles on “Parker Lewis Can’t Lose” “Cagney & Lacey” to name a few). Troy continued acting through UCLA undergraduate career until law school at Pepperdine.


    Los Angeles County Judge

    Being a Judge requires the appropriate personality, temperament, and experience to benefit both The Court and those who come before it. Collaborative Courts (drug court, veteran’s court, mental health court, homeless court) can be so impactful and helpful. We need to end the school to prison pipeline.

    “I want to ensure access to justice for all people who find themselves in need of Court services regardless of their ability to pay. Money should never be a barrier to justice.

    Since my first day stepping into a courtroom as a certified law clerk for the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, I knew that one day I would be a bench officer. I understand, keenly, the power of The Court and the importance of resolving disputes in a fair, impartial, speedy, and final manner.

    I have served as a Temporary Judge for the Los Angeles County Superior Court many times over the last few years. It has been one of the greatest honors of my life to serve the public in the capacity of temporary judge and it would be a tremendous honor to continue serving The People of the County of Los Angeles as a Superior Court Judge.

    I am confident that I can serve The Court competently and diligently in a variety of capacities whether it be in criminal, civil, traffic, small claims, civil harassment, domestic violence, unlawful detainers and other assignments.

    I have a broad and diverse legal background that will prove to be a strong asset to The Court. I can tackle any legal challenge. I’m a true problem solver. I believe most would agree that I’m a fun person to have around. I’m a team player, good-humored, and dead serious when needed. I bring people together.”

    – Troy Slaten

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    Troy Slaten for Judge Seat 145

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    Jackie Goldberg

    Board Member, Los Angeles Unified School District, Educator

    John B. Floyd, Esq.

    Founder, Floyd Skeren Manukian Langevin LLP

    Hon. David W. O'Brien

    State of California, Administrative Law Judge (Ret.)

    Hon. Vice Mayor Lester Friedman

    City of Beverly Hills

    Stacey Armato

    Board Member, Los Angeles Unified School District, Educator

    Terry L. Smith, Esq.

    Deputy Sheriff, Retired

    Hon. David W. O'Brien

    State of California, Administrative Law Judge (Ret.)

    Hon. Vice Mayor Lester Friedman

    City of Beverly Hills


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